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Over the last years energy and its provision at sustainable cost for the productive chain, are assuming a growing importance as strategical factor significantly affecting the economic results of every single company.

To evolve an effective and forecasted governance of this factor we need to consider sudden geopolitical changes and technological innovations that inevitably follow.

To develop an efficient energetical strategy, organizations need to implement measurements and control systems continuously monitoring energy consumption, as well as define amount of economic resources to keep production lines, plants and equipment updated.

In this framework Mixa has grown a considerable experience in developing projects on energy advisoring and technical-operational design of systems for energy efficiency.

Our projects are strategic and focused: indeed, we start from an extensive analysis of the specific firm context aimed at coming to tangible solutions with a real return calculated on every investment.

Our services
are articulated in:

  • Energy diagnosis and analysis
  • Operational design of system for energy efficiency
  • Energetic advisoring, repowering and revamping
  • Commissioning and permitting procedures
  • Assistance on recurrent deadlines management for energy plant
  • Support in identifying incentives and grants for energy investment (FER)
  • White certificates for the efficiency (TEE)
  • Consultancy for the development of renewable energy communities (CER)
  • IoT solutions and systems for energy monitoring