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In the past decades global economy has been leaning towards a sustainable approach: the logic of profit must go hand in hand with a logic of common well-being, in the development of new business models creating economic, social and environmental value. 

The new paradigm of sustainability isn’t a business passing trend or a special feature of major companies or green ones by their very nature. On the contrary it has now become an essential line of development to satisfy the growing attention of clients towards sustainability as key factor in their purchasing decisions and towards an ever more pressing regulatory framework. 

Mixa supports Organizations in the development and implementation of a new sustainable approach, by identifying specific goals of sustainability and by combining them with the corporate mission. The goal is to go from a passive approach, in which the Organization answers specific requests of the interested parties, to an active one, in which it chooses its own path of sustainability and reports on its performance. 

Therefore Mixa supports Organizations in the creation of a new sustainable strategic approach, developing means and tools to achieve compliance to standards of product and process to promote stakeholders’ understanding of the corporate sustainable approach. 

How can we
help you

• ISO 14001 Environment and EMAS Regulation
• Energy Audits
• ISO 5001 Energy
• Corporate Responsibility SA 8000
• ISO 37001 – Anti-bribery management system
• FSD and PEFC forest custody
• LCA – Life Cycle Assessment
• EPD – environmental product declaration
• ISO 14067 Product Carbon footprint and Corporate Carbon Footprint ISO 14064-1
• Sustainability report