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Our training offer

The precious expertise developed in the provision of consulting services has prompted us to start an area dedicated to high-profile technical training. We believe in team potentialities and that the feeling of belonging is the real extra value in companies and organizations where people can truly express themselves to their their fullest potential.

The key to achieve such a goal is to start from training, a fundamental moment in this process. Reinforcing or acquiring technical skills and innovative methodologies are the basis of our training courses, involving the transmission of consulting skills through a training process.

The development and improvement of individual technical skills will be an extra value for the whole team, taking your company to the next level and meeting clients’ needs. This will make you acquire a competitive edge on the market. Our training courses are designed starting from your needs and of those resources that make up your company. 

Mixa offers specialization and updating courses on

Quality & Organization
Development of corporate improvement and certification projects
Development of projects on products, machines and plants innovation and regulatory compliance
Safety & Security
Development of projects on employee safety and corporate business continuity
Development of projects on sustainability and corporate social responsibility

How are our courses

In classroom
To engage the staff at the company headquarters
Inter-company way
To promote the discussion between different companies and sectors at competitive
Experiential training
To encourage learning in an alternative way
Distance learning
Through learning tools / fad, to facilitate the participation of everyone

How is our content
the method

Each tailored course enables us to promote corporate development and achievement of set objectives. This translates into:

Needs analysis: we assess your needs to create tailored paths
Co-designing of activities with clients and tailored process: our approach is always client-centered

Integration of services and expertise

Team work and sharing of skills

Follow up: we assess efficiency regarding priorities and corporate goals