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The ongoing analysis of products, machineries and plants conformity, is a first fundamental step in the process of continuous improvement: it enables the satisfaction of stakeholders needs concerning products characteristics and the management of the consequences that might derive from an accident. Therefore it ensures business continuity and the capacity to positively meet the requirements for continuous innovation of productive processes. 

As a matter of fact, Mixa’s services in the area “Industry” regard innovation and regulatory compliance of company’s products, machines and productive plants. The technical team identifies and supports the implementation of mandatory or recommend regulations that manufacturers must comply with in the different stages of designing, manufacturing and marketing both at European and not-European level. 

Mixa supports: 

  • companies designing and manufacturing machines, equipments and systems;
  • companies using machines, equipments and systems. 

On one side we perform the analysis of risks and related documentation in order to put together a technical dossier and to draft the user and maintenance manual and the declaration of conformity. On the other, starting from an audit on the machinery fleet, we proceed with the identification of the actions needed to meet the requirements of the relevant regulations. 

We set out operating procedures, perform mandatory risk analysis in accordance with Attachment V of Legislative Decree 81/2008, title III, for work equipment manufactured before September 1996 or analysis of Obvious Defects in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE for CE marked machines. 

Starting from an initial check-up and analysis of the applicable directives, we offer consulting services for CE marking of machines and systems. 

Spurred by the adoption of ever new and more complex international regulations and to complete the activity of conformity of products and machines, Mixa has taken a further and important step forward with the development of technical partnerships enabling us to enrich our consulting services with test and lab trials in the following areas: 

  • Electrical and electronic equipment and components
  • ATEX equipment and components
  • Automotive equipment and components
  • Wind power equipment and components
  • Photovoltaic equipment and components
  • Lights and lighting fixtures
  • Power generating plants
  • Industrial fittings (valves)
  • Climate stress
  • Lithium batteries 

Mixa supports Organizations in their transition to the Industry 4.0, which represents a pivotal point in the growth of companies striving to achieve new goals, from improving productive efficiency to reducing waste, through a technological and digital transformation of productive processes:

1. Initial consulting

2. Interconnected systems

3. Evaluations

4. ”Industry 4.0 ready” for equipment and plant manufacturers 

How can we
help you

• Machinery Directive and CE marking
• Check up and retrofitting of machineries, plants and equipments
• Medical Devices Regulation
• ATEX Directive
• PED Directive and ASME Standard
• UL Certification
• Low – voltage directive and EMC electromagnetic compatibility
• Industry 4.0
• Tests and trials on product
• ISO 3834 Welding process
• MOCA Directive
• Building materials directive
• REACH regulation and RoHs Directive
Solar energy consultancy