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Quality & Organization

Current and future scenarios force Organizations to face complex challenges and pressures in an increasingly global and competitive market. 

Hence the need for “continuous innovation” of products and processes, essential to gain different positions with regards to competitors and to meet the ever-changing needs of stakeholders, securing business a leading role in the market. 

The idea of quality, indeed, refers to the need to enhance the characteristics of a product or service, always considering that the ultimate goal is to meet client’s expectations. Therefore, to make top strategical and management choices it is necessary to work with ongoing effort in a perspective of constant improvement of overall performances. 

Mixa supports organizations in the development of tailored projects of improvement for products /services and processes.

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• ISO 9001 Quality System
• IATF automotive quality
• Six sigma core tools
• Medical Devices Quality ISO 13485
• Organizational models under Legislative Decree 231/2001
• ISO 28000 Supply chain
• ISO 22000 agri-food
• BRC agri-food
• IFS agri-food
• 17025 accreditation